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What is your motivation?

If someone asked you why you hunt, would your answer be "because my friends do" or "I want to have a healthy sustainable diet and put meat on my table"? Does your motivation change how you hunt?

Let me clarify.... if you pull a bow back and aim an arrow you have created tension. This tension give momentum and the release provides force to your arrow to send it toward your deer. If you are just there because of someone else's influence, have you put in the time to practice your shot? Are you sure you can hit your mark? Or is your aim off? Does your arrow fall short? Is your grip right or does the string hit your arm causing damage and suffering to yourself?

Or, have you have practiced all year and focused on your end goal? You are confident your arrow should go straight and true and hit its mark. You know there is always a change for a "off shot" where placement might not be exact, but you know that you can get the job done because you have been consistently practicing?

What if, instead of talking about hunting, we were talking about health? Reaching a goal requires motivation-or tension/discomfort to give you the momentum to make a change.

Is your motivation/tension external--"The doctor said I had to..."?

Or is your motivation/tension internal--"I want to get healthy so I can enjoy/participate...."

There is a subtle difference between the two, but it makes a world of difference in the sustainability of the goal.

"In the first, you're motivated to take an action to get rid of a problem [or tension]; in the second, you're motivated to take action to bring what you truly want into being. Changing our emphasis from what we're against to what we're for has a dramatic impact....The motivation factor is what makes all the difference between yo-yoing and creating optimal health by adopting healthy habits that you can live with."

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