• Health Coaching with Sandy

What in the world is health coaching??

"What would add more value to your healthcare? How can you reach your health and lifestyle goals, cure your illness or, better yet, prevent serious illness from ever starting? Who could coach you (hint, hint) between visits with your doctor?....

"A health and wellness coach is a professional who guides you to looking and feeling your best.

"A health coach supports you through lifestyle and behavior changes to reach your potential.

"When you work with a health coach, you’re a client, not a patient.

"A health and wellness coach doesn’t tell you what to do.

"Most health coaching programs are focused on nutrition. So, most health coaches focus on nutrition and holistic health." --quote from

Also, in case ya'll didn't know-- I am a board certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and am available for virtual or phone sessions. What are your goals? How can I help you reach them?

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