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Virtual Health Coaching

One year ago today I got the notice I had passed my boards and officially became a board certified Health and Wellness Nurse, one year later, I want to share my new adventure!!

I'm going virtual!

Holistic health and wellness coaches support you in meeting your goals and dreams.

We provide support, accountability, and guidance you wont find in the standard medical system.

We help you change your habits so you can make sustainable, lifelong improvements toward your idea of being healthy.

We believe health comes from multiple areas of our lives: mind, body, spirit, financial-- and being unhealthy in one area affects your health in the other areas.

We do not push pills, surgery, or our own goals.

Do you have a health goal you want to achieve?? Book a free wellness assessment with me to explore how I can help!

Also, follow my new coaching page on instagram and Facebook under Holistic Appalachia.

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