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Life Isn't Always Easy

Challenges and emotional chaos are normal parts of life. How we chose to deal with them is what impacts us.

This past week has been one full of stress, emotional ups and downs, hard choices, and grief. With all of this turmoil, I think it is natural to go on auto pilot and default back to old habits--even when they aren't the best options.

Its ok.

We are not perfect and we do not always make great choices--especially in times of high stress.

However, before I started working to improve my daily habits, a week like this would have thrown me completely off track. I would have fallen fully back into the old habits and choices--and then beat myself up over my failure. All this does is increase your stress, anxiety, and chaos--making it harder and harder to get back on a positive path.

But this week, it was different.

This week I chose to accept my emotions.

I gave myself time to grieve.

I did not fall into previous patterns.

By making this a conscious choice, I also opened the door to make another conscious choice--to resume my health journey the next day without judgement about the day before.

Everyday is a new choice. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

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