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If knowledge equals success....

As the year is nearing its end, I have been reflecting back over the last several months. I think

for me there have been as many wonderful ups as there has been downs.

One of the biggest "ups" has been learning how to take all the theory I learned becoming a health coach and finally figuring out how I can use it to truly help others make lifelong transformations.

In the process of figuring this out, I also put myself on the road to optimal health and focusing on living my best life!

Let me explain....

I have has a constant struggle with my weight. I've avoided doing things I really wanted to do. I've avoided being in pictures. Avoided being in situations where I might have to be the center of people's focus. I have counted points, calories, carbs, tracked macros, fasted, exercised, started running, taken pills--and quit all these things--so many times over the years I cant even count. I have read and studied science and theories and trends along the way. I KNOW how to lose weight. I've done it many times!!

But, I heard a quote recently that has stuck with me.

"If knowledge equals results, what do you REALLY know?"

Well now....doesn't that put things in perspective?? What I have discovered is there is more to sustainable weight loss than just restriction, pills, or potions.

For me to be successful, I need to change my habits. I need support. I need community. I need accountability. I need to make long lasting and sustainable changes.

Nine weeks ago, I finally found my change--and I don't plan on ever going back! And while I haven't reached my goal yet, I am solidly on my way (23lbs gone so far!)--and I will get there! I WILL succeed at a lifelong transformation, and hopefully help some other people create healthy habits along the way ♡

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