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I'm not sick, but....

"If you drive your car off the showroom floor and on the way home the low oil light comes on, would you cut the wire and keep going?"

I recently started reading about the health/illness continuum and how our habits and choices, how the modern medical model of care, and how our current societal norms play into that continuum.

I have always thought of myself as healthy-a little overweight with a few mild health issues--but overall I thought "healthy".

Hang with me for a moment....what if we consider this state of being "not sick" as being in the middle of the road? I'm not ill, yet I'm not living my optimal healthy life.....what?

This quote resonates with me: "Non-sickness is like purgatory--surviving, not thriving....a state that leads you to progressive dependence on medications to relieve symptoms that are merely your body's way of telling you you're not healthy."

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