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I'm building Empowerment Triangles!

Have you ever heard of the "Drama Triangle"?

No? Let me tell you about it!

The drama triangle has a person on each point....

1) a victim who is wondering why bad things always happen to them?

2) a villain who says why is everyone always causing me to make bad choices, and

3) the hero who sweeps in an "saves the day" by enabling the victims to continue to play victims.

This triangle is fluid. The players randomly change points from time to time depending on the situation.

But this rotation causes people to get stuck in a pattern of blaming, feeling shame, and fear of failure.

It causes unrest, anxiety, stress.

It can lead to poor choices and bad habits like emotional eating, addiction, or gambling.

It keeps increasing and compounding our stress, anxiety, and depression.

I don't know about you, but I want off the drama triangle!! Its exhausting!!

But there is an alternative!

As you work on creating new, healthy habits, you start to build a new triangle.

Say hello to the Empowerment Triangle!

Here, there is a challenger who wants to be open to change and overcoming obstacles.

There is a coach who wants others to empowered by giving them the tools of success.

And there is a creator. Someone willing to not only dream, but also to write their new story of success.

I'm exiting the drama triangle.

I'm taking responsibility for my story.

And, most importantly, I'm creating my new story-one habit at a time.

Why not join me and start writing your new story???

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